Gifts Every Quilter Will Love

Gifts Every Quilter Will Love

Celebrate the quilter in your life with this list of 5 gifts that quilters will love!

If you are not a quilter, I am sure shopping for a gift for your quilter seems nearly impossible! That's why I curated this list of 5 quilting or quilting adjacent gifts that every quilter will be thrilled to unwrap!

Quilting is a timeless craft that involves creativity, precision, and a deep appreciation for fabric and design. If you have a quilter in your life, whether they're a seasoned pro or just starting their quilting journey, you can probably see the passion they pour into their craft/art.

What better way to show your support and admiration than by selecting the perfect gift that complements their quilting endeavors? In this article, we'll explore a curated selection of gifts that are bound to delight and inspire any quilter, making their quilting experience even more enjoyable.

Why Fabric Isn't a Great Gift

There is a reason fabrics and patterns are (honestly) not the best gift. There are so many different manufacturers, colorways, prints, designers and so on. A quilter's fabric loves tend to be very personal and it is best that they shop for fabrics for themselves.

Why Patterns Aren't a Great Gift

Patterns should also be chosen by the quilter. They are the person that will be spending hours working on the project. I didn't want to add a gift card to this list but I will say--if you want to bless your quilter with fabric or a pattern--a gift card is the very best way! Here are some amazing stores quilters would love gift cards for:

1. Quilt Labels

Almost every quilter will say "I wish I was better about labeling my quilts." That is the reason this is my #1 recommendation for a fun gift I feel confident every quilter would love to receive. 

Adding a personal touch to quilting projects can be incredibly meaningful. Labels allow quilters to sign their work in a distinctive way. There are a few options for labels and both would be very well received by the quilter in your life.

Premade Quilt Labels

One of the most simple ways a quilting can add a personal touch to their quilt is premade quilting labels. They come from various brands like Sarah Hearts, Kylie and the Machine and Intensely Distracted–to name a few! They have sweet messages like "Made by Mama" or "Made for You" while they do not have the quilters name they are a fun personal touch that allow them to add their stamp to their beautiful work of art.

Most premade labels are centerfold and simple to sew directly into the binding of a quilt. Centerfold labels are definitely the easiest to work with and add as a finishing touch to any quilting project.

There are also end fold labels, I usually hand sew these onto the back when I use them. Depending on the type of quilter you have in your life that could be a limiting factor to usability. Do you see them hand sewing often? If not, I would go with centerfold.  

2. Quilt Binding Accessories

Quilt Binding Accessories

When it comes to quilting, every stitch tells a story, and the final details are what truly make a creation exceptional. Enter quilt binding accessories, the unsung heroes that add a touch of professionalism and charm to your quilter's projects. Among the many options available, two stand out as must-have items for any quilter's toolkit: Binding Babies and Quilt Binding Spools.

Binding Babies by Doohickey Designs

Doohickey Design - Binding Babies

These adorable figurines not only serve as delightful decorations for a sewing room but also offer a functional solution to keep your binding tidy and manageable.

Simply slip your binding strip onto the spool-like body of the Binding Baby, and watch as it effortlessly dispenses just the right amount of binding as you sew. With a variety of designs to choose from, these charming Binding Babies add a touch of whimsy to your quilter's space while ensuring their binding stays organized and frustration-free.

Quilt Binding Spools by Stitch Supply Co

Quilt Binding Spool - Stitch Supply Co

These wonderfully designed acrylic quilt binding spools are perfect for neatly storing quilt binding. There are a variety of colors and finishes, you can choose spools that match your quilter's style and sewing space. Not only do they keep your binding organized and tangle-free, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your quilting process.

3. Olfa Rotary Cutter

All quilters can always use an extra Rotary Cutter. It is one of the most used tools in quilting.

Olfa Rotary Cutters are hands down my favorite and most agree they work the best. They are a bit of a splurge with everything else on the list of things quilter's need and its often the first tool they buy and they tend to under invest (I know I did.)

Gift your quilter with a Olfa Cutter--they will love it! We have many colors and types--you will find the perfect fit for your quilter.

4. Quilting Stickers

Most modern quilters absolutely LOVE stickers to adorn their sewing machines, fabric stash boxes, water bottles, ect. They are a lower cost gift, so if you're looking for just a little something--quilting stickers will WOW your quilter and won't break the bank. 

Little Quilting Closet Quilting Stickers

Little Quilting Closet Stickers

We had one of our favorite designers, Grace Fussel, design us some bespoke stickers that will speak to all quilters. They are still in the printing phase but will land on the site soon. If you love them and need a gift now--consider a gift card to our shop! 

Queen of the Machine Sticker

Our stickers will be printed by Sticker Mule, an industry leader in high-quality die cut and sticker sheet printer. We couldn't be happier to be collaborating with them for our own sticker designs. 

Whipstitch Handmade Quilting Stickers

Whipstitch Handmade stickers are some of our BEST SELLERS! They are clever and have a sense of humor!

Whipstitch Handmade Quilting Stickers

5. Zipper Charms

If your quilter also loves making little zipper pouches and apparel, zipper charms are an absolute MUST. No quilter will be sad to get adorable Zipper Pulls.

Ruby Star Zipper Pulls

We have quite a few in stock--here are some of my favorites:

Honoring the Quilter's Artistry with Thoughtful Gifts

Quilting is more than just a hobby; it's an art form that demands patience, skill, and an eye for design. By selecting gifts that align with a quilter's needs and passions, you're not only acknowledging their dedication but also supporting their creative journey. Each of the ten gift ideas mentioned in this article serves as a reminder of the beauty that can be woven together through fabric, thread, and a boundless imagination.

If you are still stumped we offer Little Quilting Closet gift cards to our shop...your quilter can choose exactly what they love. 

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