Modern Quilters to Follow on Instagram

Modern Quilters to Follow on Instagram

Get inspired! Here are Little Quilting Closet's favorite modern quilters to follow on Instagram! 

There are so many amazing talents in the quilting community. There are also quite a few styles and piecing methods—today I want to focus on quilters doing more "modern" work!

1. Annie Brady of Bound Co

Annie is a designer for Moda, pattern maker for Bound Co. and an all-around inspiration. I love that most of her work has a refined-yet-child-like wonderment to it. I love her eye and her color choices! Take a look at these incredible letter blocks! 

Another one of Annie's patterns I absolutely adore are these Little Animal Quilt coat patterns, which you can purchase from the Bound Co site! As a mom, I love that they are reversible (my little girl NEEDS options) and have fun details like the ears and tail! Swoon!

 *images via Bound co.

2. Ben Millett

Ben's work is exactly what I'm looking for when I'm trying to get more modern quilting inspiration and ideas. He sells patterns on his site at a super reasonable rate, and his projects are absolutely stunning. Check out this reel of his studio! 

The color choices are bright and beautiful. The piecing work and block construction is so visually interesting and original! I look forward to working one of his patterns in the near future. A perfect gift for that minimalist in your life. 

3.  Russell James Barratt

Russell's designs are one of a kind and completely gorgeous. I love the way his mind works—he tries things and uses techniques I haven't seen anywhere else. This project is an absolute marvel to me. 

He is an absolutely incredible artist, and I get so much inspiration from the way he mixes different fabrics, types of textiles, and crafts into his designs—here is a beautiful example. If you ever want to purchase one of his beautiful pieces, you can visit his shop!

4. HappySewLucky

In my mind, Berene is the queen of foundation paper piecing. This is one of my favorite FFP blocks of all time, I have a project using this pattern in the works right now! You can check out and purchase all of her patterns here. 

But, that's not all folks—HappySewLucky also has other amazing FFP patterns and ideas available, as well as adorable products like enamel pins. All of this makes the page a must-follow.  

5. Sweet Potato Quilts

Christina from Sweet Potato Quilts has some of my favorite solid color designs out there. I love how the color palettes she choses speak to my soul. She offers a BOM club that looks so incredible. I will be joining in as soon as I can find a free moment—launching this site is quite the undertaking!

This body project is insanely adorable and has a free pattern, which you can grab from her link in profile! She also has quite a few other paid patterns that are also beautiful!

6. MX Domestic 

Mathew from MX Domestic is one of the reasons I became interested in sewing and quilting in the first place. I found them when I was deep into a crochet addiction and eventually they inspired me to close over to the quilty side.

Their videos are insanely informative and will give you a ton of new tips and tricks as you're starting on your quilting journey. I would say Matthew is best known for their weaving technique, but I have learned SO MUCH from following their Instagram quick tips. Mathew's Etsy shop is full of fun patterns, finished makes, and tools. Go check it out!

Mathew is also a huge advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, neruodiverse community, and women of color. Their content can teach you beyond sewing and open your mind to fresh perspectives within those communities. What a beautiful gift they have given the world. 

7. KnitsStitchesandBlocks

I absolutely adore Max’s projects and all of her content. She is a pattern tester, so its a great way to get sneak previews of new patterns that will be making their way around. 

Her color combinations are so unique and often make me think about colors in new ways. I absolutely love what she did with this quilt top! 

Wrapping up!

We hope you took the time to follow each of these talented artists and quilters (if you weren't already following them!). You'll get so much great inspiration from these seven modern quilters. On top of that, you'll find new patterns and color combos, and you'll learn new techniques along the way! 

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