Quilter of the Month: Vickeidy Plybon

Quilter of the Month: Vickeidy Plybon

We were lucky enough to catch up with Sewspicious founder and renowned quilter, Vickeidy Plybon, in the form of a special interview. 

I wouldn't feel well with my place as a merchant in this the community if I didn't start highlighting some of the sewists who inspired me to start this business and push me (as a quilter) to try new things. These artists enhance my creativity on a daily basis. I would have never started quilting without them.

So, I have decided to make a post honoring them monthly. I am beyond thrilled that Vickeidy agreed to be my first QotM. I admire her work more than I can explain to you.

I love the language of her color choices. I love that she plays in different kinds of block styles from more novelty layouts to redefined classic block construction and everything in-between.

More About Vickeidy

 Vickeidy Plybon is the founder and creator of (the very cleverly named) Sewspicious and part of the prestigious #AGFSewcialite roster (have you checked out her Alegria bundle? It is magical.) 

She is a high school Spanish teacher and a fourth-generation sewist. Her mother studied fashion design and had a well-established custom clothing business in the Dominican Republic before their family immigrated to the United States.

In 2018 she started sewing and never looked back. Vickeidy fell in love with quilting and started designing her own patterns in 2022. She lives in NYC with her husband, Kevin, and their two-year-old daughter, Minerva. Outside of quilting she loves managing Minerva's social calendar and reading/listening to audio books!

The most important lesson I have learned as a quilter is that there is no such a thing as perfection in quilting.  No perfect quilting, no perfect binding, no perfect points. I have learned to let go of that notion and embrace the chaos and imperfections. Every quilt is unique and special, even if it has a few imperfections. I think it's important to embrace the chaos and imperfections in quilting, because they are what make each quilt one-of-a-kind. It's a freeing feeling to know that you don't have to be perfect to create beautiful quilts.  -Vickeidy Plybon

When Vickeidy started learning to quilt she used several resources, like most of us. Lots of Youtube Tutorials, endless Google Searches and asking her mom and other, more seasoned sewists, for advice. 

Vickeidy's Sewing and Quilting Tools and Machines

For most quilters this list could go on forever, Vickeidy shared some of the must-have and go-to quilting supplies she uses to create her stunning projects. 



Vickeidy uses a Juki TL-18QVP that she absolutely loves. Vickeidy purchased the machine after struggling with a machine that had a lot of bells and whistles and as such, it spent more time being repaired than in her sewing room. She uses her Juki to quilt many of her projects and for her cover quilts she generally uses a professional longarmer and highly recommends @quiltysaurus

My first sewing machine was a Singer 99 I bought off of Facebook Marketplace to refurbish and give to my mom. She didn’t want it because she had too many. She asked me to keep it. That’s how I started sewing and then quilting.  I sadly don't have that machine anymore. I sold it a few years ago. - Vickeidy Plybon


I always layout my quilts digitally first. I used to use Prequilt, but I recently upgraded to EQ8. I love to see the whole design before I get started with calculating math and cutting fabric.

Vickeidy's Favorite Project

My favorite project to date is a rainbow baby quilt that I made for my daughter Minerva. She is our rainbow baby, and I love that I was able to stitch into this quilt all of my hopes and dreams for my then-baby-to-be. -Vickeidy Plybon

One thing I think its important to highlight here is now many quilters use this art to work their way through their trauma, anxiety and balance their mental health. Isn't that powerful?


Vickeidy Plybon holding Rosalia Quilt

Most of us find inspiration in interesting places, I am always curious to know other quilters' processes and inspirations. Here is what Vickeidy had to say!

There’s not one place where I find inspiration or I go looking for inspiration.  A design idea can pop up from anywhere. Nature, architecture, my daughter’s books, art, etc. Pablo Picasso has a quote that I just love, he said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”  I find inspiration when I'm sitting at my sewing machine making a quilt or at my computer designing a quilt.

Vickeidy's Must-Follow Quilters and Sewists

Vickeidy did mention this list could go on forever and ever. I think most of us have these long lists too but here are a few highlights of quilters and sewists that our QotM admires with notes on why she loves them!

Mary Davis @marygoroundquilts

"She's the whole reason I started writing patterns. She motivated and pushed me to get started. I love her uplifting up and comer quilt designers of color in her membership and she inspires me so much everyday."


Bisa Butler @bisabutler

"Her quilts are just amazing."


 Mikaela Pabon @mickaela.pabon

"I love her story as a designer. I love her use of colors and prints in her outfits. I enjoy seeing her love for her family and her craft all wrapped up in joy."


Amber Elliot @alderwoodstudio

"I love how clean and elegant looking her quilts are."

 That wraps up our conversation with Sewspicious Queen, Vickeidy. Isn't she remarkable? I, personally, am so excited to watch her continue to grow in the sewing and quilting world. She is such an inspiration and and incredible woman to boot. If you wanna sew with Vickeidy she has a QAL coming up and you can join in the fun via the Sewspicious instagram page

Download the Rosalia pattern for free from the Sewspicious site and join her upcoming quilt along by visiting the Instagram post below!


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